Welcome to Accelerated Literacy!

This site is dedicated to helping teachers and their students who are having serious difficulty with literacy instruction.  As a former teacher, I know how frustrating it can be to work with students who are unresponsive to conventional instruction and standard curriculum materials.  Such students often lag far behind their peers, largely due to poor reading and writing skills and are in dire need of accelerated instruction.

Several years ago, I decided to scour the research literature on brain function relative to language acquisition and reading development in order to develop a streamlined literacy intervention program that would truly be research-based.  I envisioned an innovative program that would help underachieving students acquire basic literacy skills to promote their academic success; in other words, a virtual springboard that would propel failing students into the world of reading and writing.  This meta review coupled with over thirty years of teaching experience culminated in the creation of Intelligent Intervention!

Intelligent Intervention
 effectively bridges the proverbial gap between theory and practice.  Every aspect of the program is firmly anchored to established learning theory and seminal research findings. Animated cartoons actively engage reluctant learners and keep them focused on interactive multimedia lessons which emphasize oral language skills, vocabulary development, grammar, spelling, reading comprehension and fluency and writing proficiency.  This site is devoted to showing teachers how to use the unique methods of Intelligent Intervention to accelerate literacy instruction with their students, thereby accomplishing the elusive goal of accelerated learning.

My ultimate goal is to show that the acquisition of basic English literacy skills can be achieved in a fast, fun and seemingly effortless way.  I would love to hear your thoughts about how Intelligent Intervention might be used with your students!

Whether you are a teacher, parent or student, I look forward to receiving your questions and comments. What challenges are you facing in teaching or learning English literacy skills?  I would especially like to hear from educators in developing countries.